Lenin’s Mausoleum, Russia

The former name of this Lenin’s Mausoleum, Russia was used to be Lenin’s & Stalin’s Mausoleum. It is also called with the name of Lenin’s Tomb. It is present in this Red Square and right in the center of Moscow. It is a well-known mausoleum which has been currently serving as one of the resting places for the Soviet leader named as Vladimir Lenin. When this leader got died in the year 1924 that his body was preserved and his body has been currently on the public display.

He died on the date of January 21, 1924. It is in this wooden tomb that this body has been preserved. Do you know that more than 100,000 people have visited this Lenin’s Mausoleum, Russia during the time of 1924 and 1972, it is true!

The main problem which this site Lenin’s Mausoleum, Russia face is that this preserved started to have dark spots on his face and hands. But later on the solution of acetic acid was used and patches of wrinkling and to discoloration were removed from this preserved body. To know more about Lenin’s Mausoleum, stay tuned and get all of its historic related facts.

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