Inhotim, Brazil

This Inhotim, Brazil is a well-known museum and it is one of the contemporary art museums. It serves as a botanic garden which is a located right in Brumadinho which is the Brazilian state of this Minas Gerais. This site has been founded by some former one mining magnate named as Bernardo Paz.

It was in the time of 1980s that Paz started to buy tracts and pieces of land and then he build this site. Then in the year of 2008, the status of this site was changed right from a private museum and it got the status to be marked as a public institute. An annual budget was fixed for this site and it had the board of directors working in it too.

This site Inhotim, Brazil, it is mostly financed and funded by Paz. It needs $10 million on a yearly basis for its running operations. It is spread and extended in the area of 5,000 acres and it now needs at least 1,000 employees. For the information, Jochen Volz is the artistic director of this site since the year of 2004. Future plans are made by Paz and expansion in Inhotim will be taking place. It will have 10 more new hotels in it. This project will construct an amphitheater that will accommodate 15000 people.

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