Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Russia

This Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Russia is one of the Russian Orthodox cathedrals which is located right inside the Peter and Paul Fortress which is present in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is the oldest landmark of St. Petersburg and it was built during the time of 1712 and 1733 right on Hare Island and along the Neva River.  It is at times marked as the highest Orthodox Church so far in the world.

The current building of Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Russia was actually designed by Trezzini and it was built in between 1712 and 1733. It is gold-painted and it has height of 123 metres. This cathedral got closed in the time of 1919 and then it turned out into a museum in year 1924.  On official terms, it is a museum and known for its religious services.

The architecture of Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Russia features unique designs in it. Its tombs are present on the ground floor. There is a lightning rod that protects this cathedral. It has a carillon and on this site large number of concerts are being periodically performed.

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