Rio De Janeiro Botanical Garden, Brazil

This Rio De Janeiro Botanical Garden, Brazil can be known by the name of Jardim Botanico. This garden is located in this district Jardim Botanico. This district is in the South Zone of city Rio de Janeiro. This Botanical Garden has diversified and variety of foreign flora collection. It has more than 6,500 species in it, some of these species are endangered. It is on 54 hectares area that this botanical garden is packed with.

It was formed on June 13, 1808. This Rio De Janeiro Botanical Garden, Brazil has many greenhouses in it. In this garden, you will see many monuments of the background of historical and artistic aspect. These monuments have an archaeological significance. This garden has a well-known research center in it and this center has a complete library consisting of 32,000 volumes.

This Rio De Janeiro Botanical Garden, Brazil was opened to the entire public in the year of 1822. It is also opened now during these daylight hours. But 25th December and 1st January are the closing days of this botanical garden. This one 140-hectare park, it lies and presents at the foot of this Corcovado Mountain. This garden has 900 varieties and collection of palm trees in it. There is a 750-meter line of these 134 palms and this line makes the Avenue and center of Royal Palms at the entrance of this garden.

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