Pinacoteca Do Estado De Sau Paulo, Brazil

Do you know about Pinacoteca Do Estado De Sau Paulo, Brazil? It is an important art museum which is located in Brazil. This museum has been housed in the time of 1900. Its director name is Marcelo Araújo and its curator name is Ivo Mesquita. This museum has been the oldest art museum. Its establishment date is December 24, 1905.

During the 1990s, Pinacoteca Do Estado De Sau Paulo, Brazil passed through the renovation phase. This museum has now become the most dynamic and best of the cultural institutions of this subjected country. It is lined up with the international circuit and many exhibitions. This museum host many of the cultural events and it keeps an eye on the processing of historic events.

This Pinacoteca Do Estado De Sau Paulo, Brazil has the extensive and varied collection of 19th-century paintings in it. It has historic paperwork collections in it. To check out European paintings and to see amazing and oldest sculptures that date back to the time of 19th-century, you can visit this museum. More stats on this art museum are coming up, so do stay tuned and connected.

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