Peterhof Palace, Russia

This Peterhof Palace, Russia comprise of a series of palaces and also many gardens. This site is located in Petergof, right in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This site was laid out because of the orders given by Peter the Great. You can call these palaces and too gardens with the name of  “Russian Versailles”. This palace-ensemble which has been lined along with city center, it is mainly recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Do you know that the dominant one natural feature of Peterhof Palace, Russia is sixteen-metre-high, it is true! Then these Lower Gardens are 1.02 km² in their layout, they comprise of the better part of the area of Peterhof’s land and they have been confined just between bluff and shore. These lower gardens stretch east and west up to 200 metres. Majority number of Peterhof’s fountains are present in this area of lower garden. Many small palaces too outbuildings are located here.

If you will go atop side of the bluff of Peterhof Palace, Russia, then you can see the Grand Palace. At the south side of it, these small Upper Gardens are located.

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