Most Mysterious Places Country Egypt

Most Mysterious Places Country Egypt - Beautiful Global (1)

Most Mysterious Places Country Egypt – Beautiful Global (1)

With the name of Egypt an astonishing human history comes into mind. It is one of the oldest and ancient places in the world having a population of more than 80 million near Sudan. Its largest and capital city is Cairo which is a very ancient place itself.

The language of Egypt is a changed form of Arabic called Egyptian Arabic due to a great influence of Arabic culture and Arabic people on it.  It is located around the Nile valley (Darya-a-Neel) which has been considered to be one of the world’s most ancient rivers.

The discoveries and the wide number of people living around the Nile shows that Nile had been the most important for the Egyptians as the economy of the country mostly depends upon its agriculture. Historical studies have shown that Nile had been irrigating the country since years.

Egypt has one of the oldest civilizations and a very important one for the human history. The ancient Egyptians were the master of art and constructions; they had a way of governing the country in that time very similar to today’s most developed country and literature.

Discoveries has described that it had a well-mannered and well-formed city structure thousands of years ago.  The culture of Egypt is a mixture of Arabic, Persian and European etc.

Egypt had been the main point during the Muslims era of ruling. It has the largest number of miners in the world which is said to be more than 1,000 and that’s why its city Cairo is called the “city of 1,000 miners”.

Most Mysterious Places Country Egypt - Beautiful Global (1)

Most Mysterious Places Country Egypt – Beautiful Global (1)

Egypt has been a famous tourist attraction which has a big contribution to its economy. Giza necropolis and other pyramids are the wonders of the world.

Beside this valley of kings, Karnak, thebas are the most visiting places in Egypt. Islam is the dominating religion in the country along other small minorities.

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