Moika Palace, Russia

This Moika Palace, Russia is also called as Yusupov Palace .It is one of the primary residences which is located in  St. Petersburg, Russia. It was used to be the House of Yusupov. This building was also used to be the site of Grigori Rasputin’s murder and that happened in the early morning right on December 17, 1916.

The first one Moika Palace, Russia, it was build during time of 1776 and the designing of it was done by a French architect. Then later on, large number of architects gave their input to make this palace more stylish. Some of the famous Italian sculptors gave their input too so that more architectural styles can remain present in this palace. It was Andrei Mikhailov who reconstructed this building during the time of 1830s and it was the period when this palace got its present-day and current day appearance.

During time of Imperial Russia, this Moika Palace, Russia  was called and named as Yusupov Palace. This palace has more than 40,000 works of art. It was in year 1925 that this  palace was handed over right to city’s Education Commissariat. It was decided by the Education Commissariat that this mansion will be preserved.

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