Lake Onega, Russia

This Lake Onega, Russia is a popular lake for sailing. It is since 1972 that this lake has hosted Russian Open Championship. It is the 2nd largest lake in Europe. 245 km is maximum length of this subjected lake and 56.9 mi is its maximum width. 3,700 sq mi is its surface area, then the average depth of this mentioned lake is 30 meters.

The sea level of this Lake Onega, Russia, initially it was 7–9 m. But after sometime, this figure gradually got further lower down. Now many more lakes are formed in this Baltic region. Its southern banks are low and also continuous. On the other hand, its northern banks are in rugged nature. On the west side of this lake, there lies. Greater Onega.

Then on the southwest side of Greater Onega, you will see Petrozavodskoye Onego. It contains large Petrozavodsk, small Yalguba and also Pinguba bays.  On the east side of Zaonezhye, there is too a  bay and on the northern part of it is called as Povenetsky Bay. The southern part is called as Zaonezhsky Bay. Bottom part of Lake Onega, Russia is favorable for commercial fishing.

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