Khyber Pass – Spin Ghar Mountains Pass

Khyber Pass - Spin Ghar Mountains Pass

Khyber Pass – Spin Ghar Mountains Pass

Khyber Pass is one of the most famous landmarks of Pakistan may be for Afghanistan too. It is in the mountainous area of Peshawar called Spin Ghar which connects Pakistan to Afghanistan. It is 3510 feet long and known as Bab-a-Khyber.

It is having a very vast historical importance as it had been used by trade related purpose from central Asia and invasions by different rulers from other kingdoms. It had been working as a stay for military also. Being a part of the very ancient trade route “The silk route or road” it is in the list of world’s oldest passes. It starts from the Suleiman range in Peshawar and ends at the Turkham leading to Afghanistan.

The pass is mostly not allowed for tourists due to various security problems as this area is one of the terror targets in the both countries. It is a saying that it was named as Khyber Pass on the famous event in the Islamic history that took place in Arab years ago when Ali ibn-e-Abi talib captured Khyber in Saudi Arabia.

Its historical importance goes back to the invasions of Alexander the great, Genghis khan, the famous Mongols and Muslim invaders such as Muhammad ghuri and Mahmoud ghaznavi but after that it came under the control of Ranjit Singh a Sikh invader. In the time of British rule on the subcontinent a railway track had been made through the pass after the World War 1.

During the war with Soviet Union in Afghanistan the Khyber Pass had been used as the source of supply to the NATO forces. Afghan people used this Khyber Pass to come into Pakistan during the civil war. This area is famous for its weapons specially guns.

It was under a Pashtun tribe but after that it became a Taliban stay area. The area contains different artifact and art pieces made during the British rule as the proofs of rules on it.

Khyber Pass - Spin Ghar Mountains Pass

Khyber Pass – Spin Ghar Mountains Pass

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