Bangalore Palace – Rev. J. Garrett – Karnataka, India

Bangalore Palace – Rev. J. Garrett – Karnataka, India

One of most famous historic buildings in Karnataka, Bangalore is Bangalore palace it construction was started in 1862 by rev. Garrett .At that time he was serving as the principal of central high school  Bangalore. They became successful to complete the construction in 1944.

The magnificent and different architectural design of the palace and beautiful round towers and crawling green plants in the ground floor enhances the beauty of palace. The architects have shown their creativity with the beautiful carvings on top and by using wood in its infrastructure.

Bangalore Palace – Rev. J. Garrett – Karnataka, India

Chamarajendra wadiyar who belongs to wadyar dynasty was influenced by the Windsor castle’s Tudor architecture in England which inspired to build a building with same style in subcontinent. From wadiyar to British procession of the palace it has experienced the down and falls of India.

The owner of Bangalore is Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar. In 2005 wadiyar has opened the palace for public. Every month a number of tourists get attracted by the palace and there are so many people who pay for arranging different kind of cultural social events.

The history of wadiyars say that once they were experienced hunters of tigers and elephants and Jayachamaraja Wadiyar is known for his skills in hunting.

Bangalore Palace – Rev. J. Garrett – Karnataka, India

The evidence of their hunting can be seen in the interior designs such as the have made vases from elephant trunks, elephant feets have been used for making stools and the most prominent is the head of an elephant on the entrance to the banglore palace.

For visitors there is also a display arranged of trophies for being the best hunters and it is the evidence of the skills of wadiyars.

The lush green garden of beautiful palace covers an area of 454 acres out of it, 45000 sq ft land has been used to build the palace.

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