Al Ain National Museum – UAE

If looking for the stats of Al Ain National Museum then here you are! It is a national level museum which is located and situated in this city of Al Ain. It is within the premises of this Abu Dhabi region that this museum situated. Do you know that this Al Ain museum is one of the oldest museums in UAE, it is true! It situated right next to the site of Eastern Fort. On the Eastern side of this museum, you will find Al Ain Qasis. This Al Ain Qasis is one of the essential oases present in Al Ain.

Note that Sheikh Tahnoun has inaugurated this Al Ain National Museum, he was used to be the ruler representative of the Eastern region site. This inauguration was done in the year of 2nd Nov 1971. This museum consists and comprises of two of the main sections, and these sections are linked with the archaeological aspect as well as with ethnographic character.

In this Al Ain National Museum consist of enormous bronze age collections. Right at outskirt premises of Al Ain, you can access to this Hill archaeological park. Visit this museum right now and try to draw and extract more of the historical facts about the history of United Arab Emirates.

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