5 Biggest Animals in the World

Our earth consists of many large and big animals such as Brown Bear, Blue Whale, Dinosaurs, Chinese Giant Salamander, and Giraffe’s. Big animals live all over the world. Many found in water some on land some in mountains some in forests. Animals are the most interesting things in the world to study, watch and to observe. Some description about these animals are below:

  1. Dinosaur’s:

4 Biggest Animals in the World

Dinosaurs first appeared about 230 million years ago. Dinosaurs were land-dwelling reptiles that walked with an erect stance. Some were huge some were longer some small some were speedy some were slow and lumbering. Some carnivorous and some herbivorous. Currently over 330 dinosaur’s species described and this number is growing.

  1. Blue Whale:

4 Biggest Animals in the World

Blue whale is longer than thirty dogs lined up nose to tail. Its tongue weight as much as four hundred cats.

  1. Giraffe:

4 Biggest Animals in the World

Giraffes have a long neck and very long legs. Giraffe’s legs can be six feet (2m) long. As this animal is tall so they can munch on leaves from tall threes. Height of male giraffe is about 18 feet and female can be14 feet tall. And can weight about 2,600 pounds (1,180) kg. Brown Bear:

  1. Brown Bear:

4 Biggest Animals in the World

Brown Bear animal is very dangerous for human and also for animals. Brown Bear mostly found in northern Eurasia & North America and is the largest land-based predator on earth. Also lives in forest and mountains. Brown Bear are about 1.4 to 2.8 meters in long from head to rump and have a tail long about 65 to 210 mm long. Brown Bear are 90 to 150 cm tall at the shoulder & can tower at intimidating heights. Brown Bear are 80 to more than 600 kg in weight.

  1. Chinese Giant Salamander:

4 Biggest Animals in the World

The largest strong and most definitely slimiest salamander in the world, Up to 6 ft. in length and is nearly blind freshwater stingray found in large rivers. This specie measured more than 13 feet long. Its size up to 16.5 feet weight 1,320 lbs. Chinese Giant Salamander are brown to gray in color.

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